Focus on the “Zip meta” solution (UKG default format)


Reminder : “Zip_meta” = n PDFs accompanied by n XML metadata files in a ZIP file. See Project ZIP structure.


This method exclusively supports PDF file format for distributing documents.

The XML files describing each single PDF file contain values to define the employees associated to the documents and can contain additional metadata such as dates, archive references or title.

The entities associated with each PDF are the following:

  • external_reference: External document reference to help identify the document in external tools or filing systems

  • document_title: Title of the document displayed in UKG HR Service Delivery or in the employee’s vault. The length of the title should not exceed 255 characters. If the title is longer, only the first 255 characters are kept.

  • document_date: Date of the document in ISO format yyyy-mm-dd (classification date in the interface)

  • user_data: Employee identification data

  • first_name: First name of the employee

  • last_name: Last name of the employee

  • organization_code: Organization code associated with the employee

  • registration_key: Employee number

  • technical_id: Technical identifier of the employee (if available, optional)

  • metas: Additional classification metadata (optional, according to the type of document)

The entities listed below have to be present, even though they may contain no value:

  • <first_name>

  • <last_name>

  • <organization_code>

  • <registration_key>


According to the checks defined during the implementation phase, these entities may have to contain values, and more entites may have to be defined with the relevant values. For instance, if the main check is based on the technical ID you must include the entity <technical_id>.

Example for a type of document without metadata

Example of a valid XML file to describe the payslip of Muriel Atteo, for which the checks are run only on first name and technical ID. There is therefore no need to put values for last_name, organization_code and registration_key but these entities must be listed in the XML file.

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<document xmlns:xsd=' ' xmlns:xsi=''>
  <document_title>Payslip of Muriel Atteo</document_title>

Example for a type of document with metadata

In this example, the document type “payslip” (code: payslip) has an additional attribute “Date of payment” (code : pay-date) of Date type.


The code of a metadata is available in the admin interface under the details of a document type.

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<document xmlns:xsi=''  xmlns:xsd=''>
  <document_title>Payslip March 2021</document_title>
      <pay-date value="2021-03-01" />

Download a sample project ZIP file for the "zip_meta" format

You can also use the API to:

  1. Create a project.

  2. Send the zip_meta file.