Focus on the “Zip pilot” solution


Reminder: “Zip_pilot” = 1 unique PDF (=PDF spool), containing all documents to be distributed, accompanied by 1 unique XML descriptor file, in a ZIP file. See Project ZIP structure.

As described above, a “Zip_pilot” contains only 1 PDF spool (with many documents, for many employees) and 1 XML descriptor file. This XML file allows to split the document into individual documents and to link them to the employees.

The main entities are:

  • DOCUMENT_COUNT mandatory: Number of individual documents

  • DOCUMENT_PAGE_COUNT mandatory: Total number of pages in the PDF spool

  • ENTITY_ID: Organization code associated with the employee

  • TECHNICAL_RECEIVER_ID: Technical identifier of the employee (if available, optional)

  • FUNCTIONAL_RECEIVER_ID: Employee number of the employee

  • LAST_NAME: Last name of the employee

  • FIRST_NAME: First name of the employee

  • DOCUMENT_TITLE mandatory: Title of the document displayed in UKG HR Service Delivery or in the employee’s vault. The length of the title should not exceed 255 characters. If the title is longer, only the first 255 characters are kept.

  • DOCUMENT_DATE: Date of the document in ISO format yyyy-mm-dd (classification date in the interface)


In this XML file, the entities must be in upper case.

The entities listed below have to be present, even though they may contain no value:






According to the checks defined during the implementation phase, these entities may have to contain values, and more entites may have to be defined with the relevant values. For instance, if the main check is based on the technical receiver ID you must include the entity <TECHNICAL_RECEIVER_ID>.

In this example, Muriel Atteo has a 2-page payslip. In the XML file we can see “page count=2” in this section. The “index” is incremented by 2 for the next document.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>
<JOB version="1.0">
  <DOCUMENT page_index="1" page_count="2" background="0">
      <DOCUMENT_TITLE>Payslips January 1, 2021 to January 31, 2021</DOCUMENT_TITLE>
  <DOCUMENT page_index="3" page_count="1" background="0">
      <DOCUMENT_TITLE>Payslips February 1, 2021 to February 28, 2021</DOCUMENT_TITLE>

Download a sample project ZIP file for the "zip_pilot" format

You can also use the API to:

  1. Create a project.

  2. Send the zip_pilot file.