All API v1 endpoints not documented here are considered deprecated. If you need to use one of the undocumented endpoints, please contact us using the Feedback button at the top of the page. See deprecation policy for more details.

We recommend you try and leverage as much as possible APIs V2, as they are our standard APIs. Please head to our Api V2 documentation.

This section describes UKG HR Service Delivery REST API. This API provides the following features:

  • Synchronize core HR data with the main information system in real time (new employees, or employee updates can be sent in real time to our platform for instance)

  • Manage, upload and download documents in our platform

  • Send documents to employee vaults

  • Build Single Sign On URLs

Authentication can be done either through a simple secret token (default method), or with a secret token AND a SSL client certificate (double strong authentication - optional)

Authentication & Versions:

See API Authentication & versions

Base URLs:

All URLs described in this document are relatives URLs. To get the absolute URL of a method, you have to append the base URL of the environment (staging / preprod / prod) of the application server (People Assist and Document Manager modules are hosted on separated servers) taking into account the datacenter where the client is hosted:

Document Manager methods:

People Assist methods: