Document Generation Campaign using CSV

Generate campaign using CSV

To improve HR productivity and avoid repetitive tasks, we are adding a new feature that will allow them to create document generation campaigns directly from the Document Manager platform interface, thanks to a dedicated tab.

To generate documents from document templates containing unknown fields you should import a CSV file containing all the fields to be generated.

To create a document generation campaign, HR users must:

  • Choose a document type and a corresponding document template

  • Define the name of the campaign

../../_images/document-campaign-generation-csv-0.png ../../_images/document-campaign-generation-csv-1.png

Then you should upload a CSV file (like the one attached to this article) containing all the informations to be generated.

Note that the “organization_id” and the “employee_number” are mandatory whatever the order of these columns.


Once the CSV is uploaded, HR users can generate a document preview for a specific employee and choose the export format for the campaign (PDF or ZIP).


If you encounter any issue with this tool, please contact our Support team.

You can see attached an example of a CSV template that you can use for Document Generation Campaigns.