[RPA001] Batch of requests

What is it?

This automation enables to mass create requests on the Request Manager module of People Assist, using a CSV file deposited on the UKG HR Service Delivery SFTP server. Each line contains information allowing to create one request.

The following diagram presents a high-level view of this standard configuration:

Workflow for RPA001

For what purpose?

People Assist interface doesn’t allow bulk request creation. This automation can thus be used for the following use cases:

  • Automated creation of requests based on an external application event (when the external system can’t create requests using UKG HR Service Delivery API)

  • Historical requests import (Limitations: You can’t backdate requests based on their creation/closed dates; list of comments associated can’t be loaded along with the request)

  • Campaign of requests (Limitations: Large campaigns can impact the Request Manager module)

Alternative approaches

You can also:

  • Manually create requests on the platform one by one

  • Use UKG HR Service Delivery API


For this automation to work, you must follow the conventions listed below.

File format

  • encoding: UTF-8

  • separator: semi-colon

  • quote: double quote

  • naming convention: Refer to UKG HR Service Delivery Project Manager for guidance on naming your CSV files.

  • sftp folder: in/rpa/req

Size limitations

In order to be processed each CSV file must contain a maximum of 2,000 requests.

Column names


For optional fields, the presence of the column isn’t mandatory in the CSV file. Headers are case sensitive and must comply with the syntax below.

CSV header (column names)


creator_technical_id mandatory

Technical identifier of the creator - creator can be a HR user (user technical_id) or an employee (employee technical_id)

form_code mandatory

Code of the form in Request Manager

employee_technical_id optional

Technical employee identifier - required if the request is linked to an employee

organization_id optional

Technical organization identifier - required if the request is linked to an organization

visible_to_employee optional

If true, the employee sees this request in the dashboard on the employee portal and receives email notifications. If false, only the managers assigned see this request and receive email notifications. - by default, set to false

form_field_code_n optional

Value for the form field form_field_code_n is the code of the form field (field_id) to fill

Form field formatting per type

Form field type




ISO format: YYYY-MM-DD



True or False



Integer number



Form field selection code

You can’t fill out checkboxes or dataset fields



Correctly formatted email


List choice fields/radio buttons/radio fields

Form field selection code


What standard options can be activated?

CSV error report

Error reports keep track of any file not successfully processed. The error reports detail which file has failed and what the error/status is. Reports are posted on UKG HR Service Delivery SFTP server in the /out/rpa folder (only if an error occurs).

Compatible trigger

The RPA can be triggered by the deposit of a file on the SFTP server.