[RPA014] Request triggering another request

What is it?

This automation allows you to trigger the creation of a child request based on a parent request. It can also prefill the child request form.

Workflow for RPA014

For what purpose?

This automation is a quick way to trigger another request that fetches data from the parent request, and to link these requests together.


Please note that the creator of the new request will be the first assigned user returned by the API from the source request.

Alternative approaches

You can also create the request manually once the parent request is archived.


For this automation to work, you must follow the conventions listed below:

  • The parent request must target an employee, or an organization if this option is selected.

  • The parent request form must have a field_id “new-ticket-form-id” containing a valid form id,

To prefill the fields in the child form, you must have the same field ids in both forms. If field ids don’t match, they can’t be prefilled.

Options to be setup during the implementation phase by your Ipm

CSV error report

Error reports keep track of any automated request creation not successfully processed. The error reports detail which process has failed and what the error/status is. Reports are posted on UKG HR Service Delivery SFTP server in the /out/rpa folder (only if an error occurs).

CSV error report naming convention:

  • cdmat_{{client}}_RPA014_{{form id}}_{{request number}}_{{orchestration id}}.csv

Linking Requests

It is possible to link parent and child requests together to easily switch from one to the other.

Targeting an organization

It is possible to target an organization instead of an employee.

Compatible trigger

The RPA can be triggered through a macro or automation to be configured in People Assist.