[RPA009] Request snapshot to Document Manager

What is it?

This automation generates and archives an overview of a request (as a PDF snapshot) in the employee’s folder.

Workflow for RPA009

For what purpose?

This automation provides a way to keep track of employee requests through time. Moreover, you can use metadata to track these documents easily.

Alternative approach

You can also use the Archive in employee folder button on an archived request.

Employee folder Archive button


To archive a PDF snapshot in an employee folder:

  • The request must be linked to an employee,

  • The request form must have a pdf_archiving field_id with as value the document type code

  • The document type must authorize PDF extension

To archive a PDF snapshot with metadata in an employee folder:

  • The request form must have one or several fields with their field_id prefixed by metadata__ followed by the metadata code (for example metadata__effective-date)

Options to be setup during the implementation phase by your Ipm

CSV error report

Error reports keep track of any action not successfully processed. The error reports detail which action has failed and what the error/status is. Reports are posted on UKG HR Service Delivery SFTP server in the /out/rpa folder (only if an error occurs).

CSV error report naming convention:

  • cdmat_{{client}}_RP009_{{form id}}_{{request number}}_{{orchestration id}}.csv

Compatible trigger

The RPA can be triggered through a macro or automation to be configured in People Assist.